Return On Investment

Sales Certification

Why does sales training often fail to deliver any kind of return or transformation?

How do we achieve such fantastic results?

The biggest reason why training is diluted is often the lack of follow up. Our certification programmes are a unique approach to ensuring that effective follow up takes place through on going coaching. This approach helps us to guarantee results for our clients. Sales Certification for each programme is also one way to measure ROI from the training and also underpins the way in which we deliver ROI for you. It is also an internal and external benchmark of your managers and salespeople.

The session is run 3 – 6 months after each workshop. Against a pre-agreed set of crite-ria, salespeople are invited to an evidence based presentation before a management panel and scored against a preagreed and shared set of criteria. This is a way of seeing how people have applied their learned skills in executing their sales plans and delivering results for the business. Immediate feedback and score is provided and this is a great way of creating role models who then carry a certain kudos in the organisation.

Typical Returns

The following areas are typical of returns and can be benchmarked before and after the programmes:

  • • Revenue and Order Value growth
  • • New logos and new business
  • • Retained accounts and revenues
  • • Larger deal size
  • • Increase in profitable deals
  • • Higher C Level activity
  • • Developed sales ready pipeline
  • • Higher hit/win rate
  • • Improved market share
  • • Development and coaching plans for the sales team
  • • Sales people using CRM systems to drive opportunity closure
  • • Retention of key sales people
  • • Non retention of underperformers
  • • A hunting mindset in the sales organisation
  • • Overall transformed Sales team in terms of performance culture